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‌'Through War and Rebellion: Cork 1912-1918' Schools Resource Packs

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This page in Irish/An leathanach seo i nGaeilge: SP1912-18 Gaeilge  Cork City and County Archives presents a set of new resource packs for students and teachers in Secondary Schools. Focusing on the momentous period from the introduction of the 3rd Home Rule Bill to the end of the First World War, the packs present facsimiles of important original documents from the valuable local archive collections preserved here at the Archives. These illustrate events such as the Titanic’s departure, the formation of the Irish Volunteers, and the 1916 Rising, and are drawn from ledgers, minute books, diaries, letters, and plans, shedding light on themes such as politics, war, women’s suffrage, poverty, commerce, and, most importantly, on the lives of those who lived and died in these years. The document images come with background information, and there are recording sheets and quizzes for class work. There are links for those who wish to find out more, or use the documents for project work.Teachers and students are encouraged to contact us with any questions or for advice, and are welcome to arrange group visits to explore the Archives and learn more about our collections and services.

Download the Packs:

SP1912-18, 1912 Titanic

SP1912-18, 1913 Irish Volunteers

SP1912-18, 1914 de Roiste

SP1912-18, 1914 Susanne R Day

SP1912-18, 1915 World War I Bennett

SP1912-18, 1916 Rising in Cork Cohalan

SP1912-18, 1916 Wakefield Prison Letter

SP1912-18, 1917 Ford factory

SP1912-18, 1917 Innisfallen ship

SP1912-18, 1918 Conscription

Additional Documents‌

Links to further documents related to Schools Packs items: SP1912-18, 1913 Fawcitt; ‌ SP1912-18, 1914 Day novel; SP1912-18, 1915 Grenfell letter


Transcriptions of harder-to-read items/passages: SP1912-18 PACK Transcriptions

Information for the Teacher

Information for the Teacher: SP1912-18 PACK For the Teacher  

Recording Sheet

Recording Sheet for students: SP1912-18 PACK Recording Sheet

Sample Lesson Plans‌

Sample lesson plans: SP1912-18 PACK Sample Lesson Plans

Copyright Information

The resource packs and all images and content therein are copyright of Cork City and County Archives. They are made available online to be downloaded and/or printed as required for educational instruction by teachers, and for private research and study. Images and content from the packs may be used in non-published student projects and essays provided the image/content is referenced to the Cork City and County Archives service. It is not permissible to publish the packs or content or images from the packs without the written permission of the Cork City and County Archives service.

About the Project‌

This Project was made possible through the support of the Heritage Council of Ireland Grants Programme 2015.

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Project Team

Brian McGee, Chief Archivist
Timmy O'Connor: Local Government Archivist
Barry Keane: Teaching-Research Consultancy‌

Schools Resource Packs. All materials © Cork City and County Archives 2015